International Study Tours and Exchange Programs        

Institute of Certified Responsible Investments (ICRI) conducts field based Study Tours of companies from around the world to study and understand the core importance of promoting and ensuring responsible Investments. We meet and interact with workers, managers and Board of Directors on principles of Responsible Investments.

We Organize Exchange programs in which Officials from companies visit highly compliant responsible companies. We engage Corporate Affairs Managers, Investment Managers,CEOs in the quest to ensure that companies work towards attainment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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PROJECTS; The Institute of Certified Responsible Investments visit projects around the world to ascertain the commitment of the project managers in promoting and upholding international best practices and standards. We visit projects such as Road Construction projects, Refineries, Hydropower dams, Health facilities, etc and we make sure we issue Certificate of Compliance if the project is within the Responsible Investment Framework.

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International Coordination Centre
Institute of Certified Responsible Investments (ICRI)
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Institute of Certified Responsible Investments (ICRI)
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it will be available at the Summit;

The High Level 2019 International Responsible Investment Certification Summit will be held on 6th September 2019 at Hotel Taj Palace in New Delhi, Republic of India

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