The International Institute of Certified Responsible Investments (ICRI) was founded to focus on attainment of Sustainable Peace and Development in the World through training, assessment and certifying Responsible Investments around the world.

We certify companies, and Organizations which promote and uphold International Best practices and Standards as defined by the United Nations, United Nations Global Compact, and other international Treaties and conventions. It’s our ultimate agenda to transform the world, to attain sustainable peace and development through certifying companies and organizations which uphold International best practices and standards such as;

  • Supporting Productive Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Payment of Taxes
  • Respect for Rights of workers
  • Preserving and protecting environment
  • Production and supply of High Quality products and services
  • Better Remuneration of Workers
  • Existence of Workers Association
  • Employment of Women
  • Understanding and promoting National Development Plan
  • Promotion of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals