The Institute of Certified Responsible Investments (ICRI)is proud to invite you for The 2019 International Responsible Investment Certification Summit to be held on 7th September 2019 at Hotel Taj Palace New Delhi Republic of India.

The 2019 International Responsible Investment Certification Summit: Bring together over participants from Asia, Africa, North America, South America and Europe. Participants will include among Business Leaders, Chief Executive Officers, Corporate Affairs Managers, Investment managers, NGO Leaders, Banking Professionals, Infrastructure Industries as well as officials from Government agencies from around the world. There will be a high level display of Corporate Banners of all selected Responsible Investments.

Panel Discussions Topics

                                    Sustainable Investment on Infrastructure

                                    Responsible Investment for Green Energy

                                    Responsible Investment for UNSDG 2030

                                    Responsible Social Investment

                                    Responsible Investment for Environment Balance

                                    Responsible Investment on Peace

With the Ministry of Commerce and Industries and Ministry of MSME Government of India expected to declare the 2019, INTERNATIONAL RESPONSIBLE INVESTMENT SUMMIT AND CERTIFICATION CEREMONY open, formal invitations are on the verge of being sent to over 200 heads of state and related ministers, and to over 2,000 heads of institutions and prominent corporate leaders. Over 5,000 potential participants, including Corporate, Industrialist, CEO, CFO, President, Vice President, owners of Corporate house, Startup Leaders, Company Directors, academicians, researchers, and experts in the field of responsible investment are expected to take active part at the exclusive Summit and Awards, the first of its kind ever staged in history, as stated by the ADCO Governing Council through its various stakeholders/organizers. A highlight of the “INTERNATIONAL RESPONSIBLE INVESTMENT SUMMIT AND CERTIFICATION CEREMONY”

With such a motley plethora of top-level distinguished dignitaries and industry-specific luminaries on board, the platform is ripe for the promotion and enhancement of responsible investment across globe. The opportunities for participating companies to showcase their products / services to potential buyers from across the globe are unprecedented and phenomenal. This unparalleled targeted exposure will maximize benefits for top corporate sponsors, exhibitors, advertisers, and participants alike. Not only will sponsor companies get a platform to showcase their products/ services to potential industry-specific global buyers, they will also get special appreciation from ICRI and  one year annual membership free of charge, advertisement in Souvenir Publication and Exclusive Documentary on ICT, as well as be circulated in print and social media across the council approved countries.

We thus invite your esteemed participation and corporate sponsorship or exhibition at the Summit/Award at your earliest. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to grab the eyeballs of the creme de la creme and upper echelons of the Responsible investment.

BENEFITS: MEDIA COVERAGE | Advertisement in Responsible Investment Souvenir