The International Institute of Certified Responsible Investments (ICRI) was founded to promote responsible investments in all countries in the world through certifying companies, Non-Governmental Organizations and Government agencies which promote and uphold International best practices and Standards.

The overall agenda of the International Institute of Certified Responsible Investments (ICRI) is to inspire companies, Organizations and Public entities in the all countries to work towards attainment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Our strategic interventions include assessment and Certifying 100 Best performing companies and Organisations every year which truly promote and uphold international best practices and standards, we conduct regular training sessions on responsible Investments in which we focus on Training Investment Managers, Corporate Affairs Managers, Public Relations Managers, etc. Our Training is of high value and participants are recognized as Certified Responsible Investment Manager, This is an International Certification and it builds your capacity to promote and ensure Responsible Investments in your country.

The responsible Investments are recognized and certified annually as Certified Responsible Investments.

Every Year ICRI will List and Recognize 50 Best Countries in the world which promote Responsible Investments and have put in place measures or policies to ensure responsible investments.

Core Activities

The Institute of Certified Responsible Investments (ICRI) is involved in carefully selected activities to achieve its Global agenda. Our activities include among others;

  • Listing and Recognizing top 50 Best Responsible Investments Promoting Countries in the world
  • Certifying Responsible Investments
  • Conducting Training for Public and Private Sector Leaders and Managers
  • Certifying Responsible Investment Managers
  • Monitoring of the Implementation of Government and Donor projects to ensure compliance and standards
  • Awarding Responsible companies and organizations
  • Organizing Regular workshops, Seminars and International Conferences and Exhibitions on Responsible Investments
  • Conducting International and continental Exchange programs on Responsible Investments
  • Continuous Assessment and evaluation of companies and organizations around the world
  • Continuous consultative meetings on responsible Investments
  • Publishing the International Responsible Investment Journal